MAPP courses are located entirely within the profession of psychiatry. These courses recognise that trainees bring the experience of having taken medical responsibility at a senior level for patients with the most serious and complex illnesses. Trainees interested in undertaking a MAPP course need a post-graduate level of knowledge of all relevant sciences as a starting point.

Here at MAPP we run two types of course:

  • Seminar Series and Mentorship Program
    Our Seminar Series and Mentorship Program is an 18 month course that provides trainees with an in-depth understanding of psychodynamic psychiatry and how to apply it to to their clinical practice. The course also provides a basis for those wanting to do further training in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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  • Short Courses
    Our short courses offer an introduction to psychotherapeutic work as a part of a general psychiatric practice. Trainees will expand their knowledge of psychodynamic psychotherapy and get an insight into how psycho-therapeutically oriented psychiatrists think and work.

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